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There are over 100 disciplines to choose from in all fields of engineering. Physics, Fluids, Machine Design, Material Strength, Motion, Statics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Equations, and a variety of other subjects...

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There are new days, new questions, new knowledge, and new experiences to be had. With the online assignment help you provide, you may polish and enhance your area of expertise and master your notions.

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  • Format of the lab manual, data, and other reference material will be provided.
  • The report must be original and authored by the student. Plagiarism will not be permitted, and your account may be terminated immediately.
  • All supporting files (in both word and PSD) must be included with the final report.
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Still doubtful how TutorChamps is the perfect online tutoring partner for you? Wondering why you should be a part of our online tutoring family?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our tutors!

TutorChamps is an online tutoring platform created by tutors for tutors. We enable qualified expert tutors to share their technical expertise while also earning a little living by linking them with students who need help.
A professional who specialises in a particular topic of study is known as an Expert Tutor. This person frequently possesses excellent knowledge and talents in a certain field. Expert Online Tutors make excellent tutors since they have extensive understanding of the field in which they choose to work.
Tutor ratings are a crucial part of evaluating a tutor's performance. At the end of each session, each tutor will be given a rating based on the quality of the solutions delivered. Each evaluation will go toward the tutor's overall score. The tutor will be offered more sessions if his or her average rating is greater.
We believe in upfront money release, and remuneration is usually updated within 30 minutes of the session's completion. The cost of each session might range from INR 100 to INR 650, depending on the complexity of the problems and the quality of the solutions provided.
At TutorChamps, we work hard to guarantee that all solutions are valid and conceptually clear. However, we recognize that human mistake is always a possibility. As a result, in the unusual event that an erroneous response is submitted, we promptly refund the student's cash and assign the question to a different instructor.
We have a strict policy that only allows tutors to accept projects that they can complete. If a tutor denies your assignment after it has been accepted, we will promptly assign it to another teacher and make sure you get your solutions on time.
True, there are a lot of other businesses out there, but they're not all the same as us. We work hard to keep our reputation, and unlike other businesses, we insist on producing solely unique material. The best way to find out why you should use us is to give us a try; you'll see how much of a difference we make for you.