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Who are we

TutorChamps is a new online learning platform committed to making your academic path as smooth and successful as possible. We provide two types of services for the student: real-time question answering and deadline based online homework help service. Our tutors are all enthusiastic about their fields of specialization and willing to support students in their academic journey.

We are the best platform for giving tutors a chance to develop and make money while they are simply sitting in one place. Therefore, the reason you should choose us is that we give tutors the flexibility they need to work and earn as much as possible. So registering yourself as a tutor at TutorChamps will help you to become more optimistic and you to enjoy the maximum profit and revenue.

Our online tutoring platform makes it easy, flexible, and convenient to interact with students (and make extra money!).

Why join TutorChamps Tutor’s Team?

Choose topic as per your expertise

Choose any topic that interests you and share your expertise with college or university students to help them study and excel in their classes so that they can graduate confident and prepared.

Work from anywhere

All you need is a computer and an internet connection, you can do your tutoring work online anytime and from anywhere. Simply log on when you’re available and work remotely.

Excellent knowledge and enhanced knowledge

Our top tutors earn over INR 60,000 per month by answering or solving assignment problems in their area of ​​expertise. No invoice is required; just be paid on time.

How it works

Register Yourself

Step 1

Please use your active email address to register on our website. After registration, you will have to pass a screening test which will be based on your selected subject. Your test result will be sent to your registered email or displayed on the website.

Get Questions

Step 2

Once you become a tutor at TutorChamps only then you will be able to solve assignment/homework problems. You have to solve the given assignments and homework questions and submit them before the deadline.

Submit Solutions

Step 3

Adhere to the deadlines and submit the complete solutions in a step-by-step manner. You have to solve the questions or assignments as per the instructions given by the student(s). You can also go for revision or any kind of rectification if you are asked to make some changes by the student.

Get Paid

Step 4

Once your solution is approved by our quality check team, you can get paid between INR 460-600 per question and INR 200-4000 respectively for the assignment. Payment is done instantly and is automatically deposited into your bank account.


Work in brief

Deadline based Work

Solve the assignments within the stipulated time frame.

  • Accept assignments based on your availability and knowledge.
  • Giving 100% plagiarism-free, unique and precise solutions in a step-by-step manner.
  • Make sure you submit every solution before the due date.
  • Submit a copied solution or failure to meet the deadlines may result in account termination.

Live Sessions

Engage students in real-time conversation to assist them in resolving their problems.

  • Depending on your availability and skills, accept a session.
  • Be prepared by carefully reading the reference material in advance.
  • Be available and reachable for the duration of the accepted session.
  • Give quick, direct answers in a step-by-step manner.


Aishwarya Singh

A Math expert

"My tutoring on TutorChamps has helped me improve my mathematical abilities, earn money to pay for my schooling, and fit tutoring around my class schedule as I work for a Master's in computer science."

Manish Arora

An Accounting expert

"Through TutorChamps, I can be a valuable study resource for students all over the world while also supplementing my full-time teaching profession."

Kritika Jain

A Biology expert

"Overall, a great place to work with the possibility to apply my expertise to assist students in their academic success. I love working here, and the hours are flexible."

Hitesh Daswani

A Nursing expert

"Being an expert, I have answered questions of the highest caliber, enhancing my knowledge and expertise. You can employ your knowledge to the greatest extent on our platform. All thanks go to TutorChamps for providing the chance to work as a tutor on this website."

Anamika Gujral

A Chemistry expert

"Working with TutorChamps has been a pleasure because it gives tutors a nice platform to put their newly acquired talents to use and make good money. As and when the tutor is free and available to work on the specified duties, TutorChamps offers an excellent way to work part-time with flexible hours."


You must be wondering why you want to be a part of our online tutoring tribe. Check out our FAQs to get all your questions answered!

We don't insist that you must be a certified professor or tutor because we think that experts come in all forms. You must, however, provide enough documentation to demonstrate your knowledge of the subjects you wish to tutor.

All tutors must be at least 18 years old and should have enrolled in or graduated from a reputable university. You must be thorough in your area of expertise. 10+2 holders are not accepted.

No, you are not obliged to tutor for a specific duration or respond to a predetermined number of questions. This is a position for an independent contractor. However, the more opportunities you'll have to make money, the higher your rating will be.

Usually, you'll get a response from us in 1-3 business days. Occasionally, during periods of strong demand or vacations, it can take us longer.

Even though we strongly advise against it, we do acknowledge that emergencies can occasionally arise. In such circumstances, the tutor is required to inform the operations team 1 day before or at least 10 hours before the session. A session that is missed will result in a tutor receiving a zero-rating.

Registration as a tutor on the website doesn't call for a background check. Students are free to pay for background checks on potential tutors. You need to pass our background check to work with any TutorChamps user.

By enrolling with TutorChamps, you consent to work as an independent contractor. This implies that you and TutorChamps do not have an employment connection. Therefore, you are only compensated for completing assignments or responding to questions from students. You also have the flexibility and freedom to complete this work whenever and wherever you please.

Various online calculators, subject-specific engineering software, PDF conversion software, and textbooks that you will need to use. Copying is prohibited. Tutors must change their answers if they have already answered the same question in the past before submitting them again since they cannot submit the same answer twice for the same question.