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Education is evolving. The student of the twenty-first century has to attend hours of lectures, prepare notes, appear for weekly tests, and submit homework, assignments, and projects. All of these impact the overall grades of the student. With such a busy schedule, they barely have time to complete all these tasks. Hence, they turn to professional assignment help websites for assistance.

TutorChamps is the brainchild of two tech experts who realized that there was a huge gap between demand and supply in the online homework help space. They spent some time researching the market and found that the primary disconnect was the lack of academic experts offering these services. This led to the birth of TutorChamps in 2016. The idea was simple – hire academic experts with an experience in writing reports, assignments, projects, essays, etc. and connect them with the students that need assistance.

Within a year, the founders of TutorChamps realized that their initial assessment was right and students were very happy to talk to an expert for queries and doubts and have that expert do their homework for them. They spend more time understanding various academic disciplines where student need assistance and looking for academic experts in those fields of study. By 2018, TutorChamps received its first contract from the United States. This was the start of a journey of growth and learning.

Today, TutorChamps has over 3000 experts works tirelessly to help students complete their tasks and boost their grades. As the number of students approaching them increased, they ensured that the maintain the high levels of quality and time delivery of assignments.

What We Do?

TutorChamps offers a broad-level services to students:

Written Solutions

TutorChamps offers a plethora of written solutions like:

  • Essay Writing
  • Homework Help
  • Assignment Help
  • Project/Lab Reports
  • Dissertation Writing
  • Case Study Writing
  • Coursework Writing, etc.

Live Sessions

We want students to understand and improve their understanding of the subject. Hence, we offer live tutoring sessions where an expert explains a concept or chapter to a student in a real time question solving model. The student can ask any questions or queries. This can be a great help to students struggling to get a grip over certain concepts.

Salient Features of our Services

  • Homework and other written solutions
  • Live tutoring sessions on a concept or an entire chapter
  • One-on-one live video sessions with experts for clearing doubts
  • Option to replay the tutoring sessions whenever you want
  • Instant communication via chat round the clock
  • Timely delivery of assignments
  • Confidentiality Guaranteed

How we hire
our expert tutors

All of the experts on our team are pre-screened and have at least 1+ years of experience in helping students achieve academic success. We are very particular about selecting the right team of experts since we are focused on creating a hub for academic experts ready to help students with their assignments and live tutoring. Here is how we select our employees.

pass a screening
of candicates get hired
new candidates send us
their CVs every month
get to the next round

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To offer assistance to students and help then boost their grades and performance at school and beyond


To revolutionize the way students approach online academic assistance and help them adopt an understanding-driven approach to education with academic experts as their guides.

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